Freedom Trail Photo Walk

Street shooting, the State House to Quincy Market and Haymarket

Saturday August 7, 12-4 pm

Meet at the State House

Join Bobbi and Lee for the visually stimulating and historical walk of the first part of the Freedom Trail. We start at the State House, with Bullfinch’s magnificent golden dome, and follow the red brick path! 

Have you ever walked the entire Freedom Trail? Or when was the last time you walked any of it? Many people never explore where they live, and this piece of Boston History is filled with visual delights! This is a wonderful opportunity to practice your street shooting skills concentrating on composition, patterns and textures, lighting, people, architecture and the colors and energy of the marketplaces.  It’s a great adventure that is educational, fun, and immersive.

Our stops are:

Granary Burying Ground – buried here are Paul Revere, Sam Adams, Ben Franklin’s parents and Peter Faneuil, with incredible headstones. Wonderful textures and compositions await you.

King’s Chapel – built in 1686 designed by the architect Peter Harrison in the Georgian architecture style. Paul Revere’s bell in is the belfry! Interesting architecture and a burial ground, too.

Old Corner Bookstore – built after the Great Fire of 1711, and established as the Ticknor and Fields bookstore, publishers of Hawthorne, Longfellow, Stowe, Emerson and Thoreau. Unfortunately, the bookstore is now gone, but is a Chipotle if you are hungry!

Old South Meeting house – still holding meetings and the site of the planning of the Boston Tea Party! Still an active meeting house.

Old State House – built in 1713, and the seat of British Colonial power. Lots of debate and where a lot of the rebellion was planned. Also, the site of the Boston Massacre. 

Pass by the I. M. Pei designed Boston City Hall, a total contrast in styles to the historic area, and many believe it’s an eyesore. Me included. Great place for shooting graphics!

Faneuil Hall in Quincy Market- beautifully designed old brick buildings, filled with history, great architecture, restaurants and shops. Summertime is busy, lots of street performers, too! 

Finally, past the oldest continuously operative restaurant, the Union Oyster House (my favorite place is to eat at the original bar where Daniel Webster sat)  

Haymarket – a lively colorful and energetic outdoor farmer’s market. A perfect place for color design, people, and food!

Click here for Freedom Trail info and map:

Bring a variety of lenses, both wide angle and telephoto. Zooms are the perfect lens for this street shooting walk.

Critique and Post Processing Zoom session will be held at a mutually agreed date after the walk. It will be recorded if you can’t make it to the Zoom. 

Cost: $125 including the Zoom critique session. Limited to 10 people.