Portraits: Natural & Flash Video Course

with Bobbi Lane & Lee Varis

Up your Portrait Lighting Skills by learning from the BEST!

Bobbi and Lee show you how to create beautiful and effective portraits, using natural and flash lighting in various situations. This class consists of video showing the step-by-step procedures to use light successfully with a model, both in studio and outside. The video is accompanied by still images with full descriptions on the process. See how to use natural window light with a variety of lighting accessories to create flattering portraits, and see how to use on-camera, and off-camera flash to create dramatic and compelling lighting. Bobbi gives a complete run-down on the necessary flash gear, shows you exactly how to use it, and takes away your fear! You will see Bobbi pose and direct her subjects,  and how to help them relax to create natural and authentic portraits. Finally, Lee shows how to use Lightroom to achieve sophisticated portrait enhancement effects using simple techniques. He covers making color accurate for pleasing skin tones, and shows you retouching techniques to flatter everyone.

Starting with Portraits Unplugged and progressing through flash on-camera and off-camera, Bobbi examines photos from her career in commercial portraiture, and shows how she lights, and composes subjects of all ages. She also demonstrates her techniques in 7 different live on camera photo shoots covering various aspects of portrait lighting.


This 2.5 hour video workshop is the next best thing to a live one-on-one intensive with Bobbi and Lee. Topics covered include:

  • The Big Three aspects of light – applies to everything
  • Lighting Patterns, both Natural and Flash
  • Rules of Portraits Unplugged
  • Reflectors and Diffusers
  • Natural lighting techniques with Window Light, Porch Light, Backlighting, Shade
  • Flash Technology Basics
  • Flash Modifiers
  • TTL and Manual and when to use each
  • Flash on and off camera using radio remotes
  • One, Two, and Three lights off camera
  • Story Telling Portraits
  • Drag-the-Shutter
  • Digital Gray Cards
  • Post Processing for clean skin, natural color and enhancing features

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