Dragging the Shutter at Fan Pier Park Boston

Part One: Thursday night, August 5, 7:00 pm 

Instructional Zoom presentation on balancing light

Part Two: Sat. August 7, 5:30 to 9 pm

Shooting models in late afternoon light, and then at twilight with flash  

Part Three: Thursday August 12 at 7:00 pm 

Critique and post processing on Zoom 

Cost = $250

Join Bobbi and Lee for this fun workshop shooting models with the Boston skyline as background. Balancing strobe and ambient light is tricky but the results can be amazing. We use the flash to illuminate the subject and then slow the shutter speed (hence the term “dragging”) to pull in the background ambient light. Once you get the basic concept of how to set your flash and what camera settings to use, it’s easy and fun to experiment. We first learn how to get the proper balance of exposure between the two light sources-flash and ambient- then we play by shaking or spinning the camera, zooming the lens, panning and more. The flash will light the subject and freeze any motion, and then moving the camera will blur the background in a variety of ways. 

This workshop is in three parts.

First, we will have a Zoom image presentation with instruction on how to set up the technical aspects of using your flash and setting the exposure. This will help you prepare for the evening shoot. This will give you a chance to make sure you are familiar with how to work your flash, shoot on manual, and adjust settings as needed.

The second part is the actual shooting! We will meet at Fan Pier Park at 5:30 pm on Sat. August 7 with the models. We will shoot the gorgeous late afternoon light until twilight. Once the sky is rich in tone and the building lights illuminate, we will shoot with the flashes, balancing to the ambient background light. You can hand hold or bring your tripods.

The third part will be a post processing and critique session, held the following week.

All Zoom sessions will be recorded and available for download.

Please bring your tripod, flash and any modifiers, and reflectors if you have them. 

We will bring Profoto B10, which are battery operated strobes, with a variety of modifiers and ratio remotes so that you may use them. You are welcome to use your own flash, too. We will have a variety of modifiers for portable flash with us as well.

Workshop Fee: $250 – includes models, the two Zoom sessions and use of Profoto equipment. Limited to 6 participants.